Welcome to the homepage of Chris Marion Music.  This site is designed to spotlight the various musical skills, bio and general self absorption of Chris Marion.  Feel free to browse the various samples, info blocks and minutae within.  If you are so compelled, leave Chris a comment, complaint or insight that he may choose to ignore.

   Demo to Master Samples

The following are examples of taking a rough demonstration recording and creating an expanded master recording.  Each sample includes an explanation of content.

1.  Believe, Begin, Become – this features keys, loops, editing, production and mixing by Chris.  This production became the theme song for AdvoCare and was featured in their NASCAR sponsorship of the Dale Earnhardt stock car and for a national campaign.


                            iPhone/iPad users click here to stream  1. Believe, Begin, Become demo to master

2.  Glad New Song - this features bass guitar, drum programming, bgv's and mixing by Chris with the violin, mandolin, acoustic guitar and banjo of Wanda Vick.  Used for a Lifeway VBS project released internationally.


                           iPhone/iPad users click here to stream  2. Glad New Song demo to master

3.  Live For You - drum programming, keys, bgv's, production and mixing by Chris,  A custom project for young artist Samantha Agee.


                           iPhone/iPad users click here to stream  3. Live for You demo to master

4.  Lost in Love - keys, bgv's, vocals, mixing and production by Chris.  Blues band called Grits from East Tennessee


                             iPhone/iPad users click here to stream 4. Lost in Love demo to master

5.  Let's Get This Party Started - drum programming, keys, mixing and production by Chris.  This features a Disney artist, Dyllan Wilson and was performed on the 2010 Disney on Ice Tour.


                   iPhone/iPad users click here to stream  5. Let's Get This Party Started demo to master

6.  Vocal tuning demo to master - this is an example of using Antares Autotune and Melodyne to create a compilation lead vocal track from a horribly inaccurate vocal performance.


                                    iPhone/iPad users click here to stream  6.  Vocal Tuning Demo to Master

7.  Chris Marion general sampler - this 10 minute sampler contains a cross section of various projects Chris has worked on through the years from children's works to orchestrations to instrumentals with a narrative that explains each sample.


                                 iPhone/iPad users click here to stream 7. Chris Marion Sampler

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