Chris Marion Gear and Software

People often ask what gear I use or what software I utilize for MIDI programming and editing.  Obviously, over 25 years of a professional music career, I've used a broad variety of instruments and software to produce music.  I started out with a rhodes and a vox continental back in the late 70's.  Well, honestly i cut my teeth on an upright piano that was tuned one half step below standard tune.  I learned how to play songs on the black keys.

Making music has come a long way from those days.  I have traveled through Moogs, Prophet 5's, Arps, Oberheims, CP 70's, B-3's, DX7's, KX 88's, M-1's, Tritons, Kurzweil 250's and PC 88's.  Through all of these various brands, I can honestly say that Yamaha keyboards have been a mainstay in my collection.  I have found their samples to be most realistic and their hardware to be dependable.  Currently, i use a S90EX and a MO6 for my main keyboards.  And, of course, my little red Roland AX-1 key tar travels with me wherever i play.

As far as computer hardware, when i first moved to Nashville, like everyone else, i tried to integrate a PC into some of the work i was doing. This was before Windows - it was just MS-DOS.  If I had been limited to this platform, i might still be using a pencil exclusively.  A wise friend introduced me to the world of Apple.  My first personal computer was a Mac Plus, operating at the warp speed of 8 Mhz.  I had an external 20 meg hard drive that was bigger than the computer.  Those were the days...  Through the years, I've owned just about every version of Mac desk top and Mac laptop.  If I had invested all of the money I've spent on hardware into Apple stock instead, I wouldn't need to be hawking my skills on a makeshift website - I would be a multimillionaire.  No regrets...

So, below you will find various lists of live gear and my recording rig and software.  Thanks for your interest.
Live Rig - 

Yamaha S90 EX - 88 key weighted controller
Yamaha MO6X - 61 key secondary keyboard
Roland AX-1 - vintage keytar
Ultimate Support AX-90 - ultimate keyboard stand
Klark Teknik DN100 Active Direct Boxes
Heil PR31 BW microphone - excellent live microphone that has -40db of off axis rejection

Recording Rig - 

Cable 5 ft 8 inch Grand Piano
Yamaha Motif ES
Yamaha P150
M Audio Oxygen 61 USB keyboard
MOTU Audio Express
MOTU 828 Mk 3
MOTU 8 pre
Tannoy Reveal Monitors
Yamaha O2R Mixer
Various Neumann, AKG, Lawson, and Sennheiser microphones
Macbook Pro 15
iMac 21.5 

Software -

MOTU Digital Performer 7.24
Mach Five 2
Propeller Head Reason
Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Stylus RMX
Native Instruments Komplete
Synthogy Ivory
Waves Mercury
Antares Autotune
Finale Notation software